Friday, August 10, 2012

The Casa Las Lomas I-5 by Vértice Arquitectos (9pics)

Located in Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, Peru... the Casa Las Lomas I-5 is a single family residence set ontop of a rocky hill with a gorgeous 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean. Check out more pics of this one-of-a-kind beach home below:
The goal was to make the most of the view in the communal areas, as well as the master bedroom. They also wanted to get the most bang for their buck when it came to the unusual plot of land the home is on. To do so, the house had to cantilever out over the hilltop.
The house is composed of two volumes that run parallel to each other giving them the sea views they desired. Those volumes are then joined in the middle creating the main source of circulation throughout the home. That part extends out to the pool that overlooks the beach. 

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