Friday, August 24, 2012

Samsung's New Retail Store... Claims They Didn't Copy the Apple Store (video)

Samsung's new retail store
It's understandable hard NOT to compare a computer/mobile company that opens a retail store with the popular Apple Store.... but with all current legality issues between Samsung and Apple, this one leaves us scratching our heads. 
-Check out the video introduction of the store below: 
Big glass walls? Check. Wood product tables with open layout? Check. Minimalist design? Check. Retail staff wearing blue t-shirts? Check. This isn’t an Apple Store, though; it’s the newest Samsung Experience store that just opened in Sydney where visitors can play with all the greatest smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the planet made by Samsung. The store looks a lot like the inside of the Apple Store that’s just a short walk away, but Samsung swears they didn’t copy Apple this time, or even look at what Apple was doing in the retail space. 


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