Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Run AND Bike Simutaneously with the FLIZ (4pics&video)

Can't decide whether to bike, run or look like a total idiot...?? 
Why not do all three with this German-designed contraption called the FLIZ
FLIZ comes from the German ‘flitzen’ and means speeding… with your feet… Based on the very first bike — the ‘Laufrad’ — it is a velocipede concept of healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban space. Its laminated, innovative frame with 5 point belt system does not only mark the outstanding appearance, but first of all it provides a comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking. The frame integrates the rider and due to its construction it works like a suspension whereas the belt replaces the saddle and adjusts your position. These aspects reduce pressure in the crotch and distribute the body weight while running, which is a unique feature. On the bottom of the rear stays special treads are located to place and relax the feet. 

What are your thoughts...?? 
Are you getting one...?? 

via flavorwire

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