Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Over 2-Dozen Official iPhone and iPad Prototypes Revealed in Court (27pics)

As the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle continues, I'm sure we have all see a few iPhone and iPad prototype images leak out of the courtroom. 
Turns out many more of these secretive Apple concepts have officially made their way into the courtroom and out into the public's eye... 
Check 'em all out below: 
Today at the Apple vs. Samsung trial, Apple designer Christopher Stringer took to the stand as Apple's first witness. In the course of his testimony about Apple's design process, he showed dozens of rejected iPhone and iPad designs - including some he actually showed in person. They give us yet another look at Apple's design process and reveal a bit about how the company forms its design aesthetic.

iPhone:  Concepts / Prototypes

iPad:  Concepts / Prototypes

via theverge

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