Monday, August 13, 2012

Incredible Photos Taken by Curiosity... so far (8pics)

It's been a week since Curiosity touched down on the red planet Mars... The past week has given us some pretty incredible pics with many more HD-photos yet to come, stay tuned..!! 

I'm sure we've all seen our share of Martian landscape photos taken by Earth's latest explorer Curiosity... but the photo above has got to be one of the most amazing ones yet. 
The photo is simply of the rover's wheel and the pebbly ground below it. 

What is truly mesmerizing is that the High-Defiinition photo looks like it was taken with a standard smartphone-camera in someone's backyard... when in fact it was taken over 100-million miles away on an entirely different planet by a remote controlled robot... the photo is so clear and crisp, it invites you to reach out and run your fingers through the alien soil.  

check out more photos below: 

First photo of Martian landscape right after touchdown.
Photo taken with Curiosity's navigational cameras
Photo taken of final approach to the surface
Self-Portrait Photo
Curiosity and all its cameras

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