Monday, August 6, 2012

History: Design Evolution of the Olympic Torch (8pics&video)

The 2012 Summer Olympics are going on strong and one iconic symbol of the games have carried on throughout history... I am referring to the Olympic Torch of course! 
Check out the design evolution below of the Olympic Torch from 1936 to present day...  
The modern Olympic Games have become as much a golobal contest among designers and architects as among athletes. Each Olympics is expected to produce a logo, a signature building - and a characteristic torch that symbolizes local tradition and national character.
The torch has 8,000 holes - created with lasers - which give the design a more transparent appearance, and also prevent heat from being conducted down the handle. The torch is triangular in shape - a first for Olympic torches, which are traditionally cylindrical. The material used for the inner and outer skin is aluminum alloy, originally created for the aerospace and automotive industry. It is modern, corrosion and heat resistant, and, most importantly, light. Despite its height the torch was designed to be easy to carry for the younger bearers, the whole thing weighing only 800 grams. The flame is kept alive by a gas burner system held in the center of the torch, dispensing a gas mix that optimizes flame height, colour and luminosity. There is enough fuel available to keep the flame burning for at least ten minutes. 

via nytimes telegraph

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