Friday, August 10, 2012

3D Print Your Unborn Live Fetus... seriously (3pics& video)

....It's about time!! 
Someone finally did a 3D print of a baby fetus right! 
Don't you agree!? 
With ability to 3D print your unborn into a ultra-creepy 'paper weight'... Fasotec will make traditional ultra-sound tech a thing of the past. You can be the first to show off your unborn baby to your friends and family for the low cost of $1,300... 
Clients can choose to have a 3D image captured of the baby’s entire body, or just focus on a single body part. So if you’re not ready to start the baby buzz around the office with your new full-body fetal paperweight, you can just opt for a foot or an ear. The 3D models are also available as cell phone charms.

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