Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch Smart Nanoparticles Destroy a Blood Clot (video)

Science is Incredible :)
As you can imagine... blood clots can really ruin anyone's day. But thanks to modern medical technology, those pesky blood clots can be destroyed with Smart Nanoparticles... 
Watch the time-lapse video below of the life-saving nano particles in action...!! 
In this time-lapse, you can watch a blocked mouse artery clear up in about five minutes after the injection of drug-coated nanoparticles. When a blood vessel narrows, the resulting high shear stress is a signal for circulating blood platelets to stick to the wall, forming a clot. Similarly, the therapy is activated by the shearing strain - but in this case it breaks up a collection of nanoparticles to allow individual carriers to bind to platelets and deliver clot-busting drugs.

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