Monday, July 23, 2012

The iPhone 'Taser Case'... The Yellow Jacket (video)

There is something that all smartphone cases do. 
...They're all designed to protect the phone, but not the user when in harms way. 
The Yellow Jacket iPhone case not only protects the phone but also packs an additional 650,000 volt taser stun gun. 
Watch the Indiegogo video below... 

When your not out zapping assailants, the Yellow Jacket gives your iPhone an additional 20 hours of battery life... See how you can get your own at the link below! 

Although a clever idea... what could possibly go wrong when holding a 650,000 volt taser against your ear...??! 

What are your thoughts?  Would you get one?


iphone 4 case said...

This case looks great!

Anonymous said...

What happens when someone accidentally drops it into a swimming pool?

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