Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UPDATED: 'Superman Man of Steel' Trailers Released... (videos)


Now that the Batman trilogy is now completed with Dark Knight Rises, DC comics can look to the future with their highly anticipated reboot of the Superman franchise set to be released in 2013... The new film is titled Superman Man of Steel.

Watch two Teaser Trailers below and the official Second and Third Trailer: 
- narrated by Russell Crowe (Jor-El) and Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent)...

 Fans of Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight & Inception) should be happy to hear that he is involved as the film's Producer with Zach Snyder (Watchman & 300) in the Director's chair...  

::  Official Third Trailer  ::

::  Warning Video From: General Zod  ::

UPDATE:  Hilarious skit by HISHE

::  Narrated by Kevin Costner  ::

::  Narrated by Russell Crow  ::

::  Official Second Trailer  ::

source: imdb


...Don't forget to check out 'what-would-have-been' if Tim Burton 
went forward with his plans on rebooting the Superman franchise.

Check it out at this link...

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