Friday, July 6, 2012

What Does the Phrase 'Post-PC World' Mean to Apple...?

I'm sure we all heard it, 'The Post-PC world'... What does that phrase mean to Apple? 

The Apple iPad not only ushered in a whole new product category, but it also derailed the whole computer desktop industry and moved it into a whole new direction. The era of the 'Tablet' began and is coined as the 'Post-PC' world... 
Soooo, with hardware and software aside, what does that phrase alone mean to Apple...? 

It is interesting to know that the majority of the public is unaware that 'PC' is an acronym for 'Personal Computers'... which includes all computers including Apple desktops and laptops. Most assume that PC means a computer that is not a Mac... Unbeknownst to popular belief, Apple introduced the first ever PC back in 1984 and today the iPad is selling like hotcakes with hundreds of competitors following since it's introduction in 2010. The world has come to the conclusion that tablet computing is a one-way-door.... and there is no turning back to traditional desktop computers. 

So in the end thanks to the Apple marketing campaign of 'I'm a Mac and I'm a PC' that we all know (see attached video) along with the fast paced growth of the tablet market with the phrase 'Post-PC world'... the general public is unconsciously being branded that the world is in-fact finished with non-Apple computers. The phrase could easily be interpreted that Apple/Mac products have won the computer battle and that the world is 'Post-PC' after all... So everytime the phrase 'Post-PC world' is used, it is essentially free marketing in Apple's favor...

Whether this is true or not... we'll see in time. What are your thoughts?

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