Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple's iOS6 vs. Google's Jelly Bean

June is officially over and unveiled new OS updates from Apple's iOS6 and Google's Jelly Bean... Check out the OS-war breakdown by Wired below... 

The comparisons of OS features include: 
• Voice Search
• Maps
• Notifications
• Social Networking
• Music/App Stores
• Search Engines
• ...and more

Check out the complete breakdown by Wired at this link...!! 
What are your thoughts...?
Are you an iOS6-fan or an Android Jelly Bean-fan...? 


Walter Graff said...

Clearly the article was written by an Apple user. Had it been written by a Android user they'd note such tings as the fact that speaktoit assistant for Android blows both Suri and Google away, can post to twitter or anything else and has been around for over two years (Sorry Apple Suri was not revolutionary). As for notifications a simple widget will offer what the author of the article claims does not exist. As for things like browsers Dolphin blows both the articles choices away. What folks fail to discuss in these articles is that Android offers many apps outside of the Google realm while Apple locks you in with what they offer. And many of these apps outside of Google and Apple blow both OS' apps out of the water. Clearly the author knows little about the customization of Android products.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take note that Andoid IS the OS developed by Google and not in competition with it.
Also, I agree that SIRI by Apple wasn't the first voice assistant available to the public, but it is the most intuitive and responsive to 'natural speaking 'in comparison.
Just because you aren't the 'first' doesn't mean you are the 'best'. If that was the case we would all be driviing Ford Model T automobiles.

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