Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Does the Surface NEED to Succeed...?

Microsoft announced their move into the tablet market with their Surface Tablets. With over 200+ different tablet options already out there along with the Apple iPad leading the way... What does the Surface need at launch day to stand a chance?? 

On paper the Surface tablets look great and overall powerful machines which should have no problem making a dent with the competition. Available in two versions and equipped with multiple ports and an SD slot, the Surface Tablet has hardware designed to impress. With the latest version of Windows 8, Microsoft is prepping to create a beautiful product ecosystem. But in Monday's press event, Microsoft failed to mention key factors that would for certain win the publics approval -- such as Pricing, Battery Life and Availability
With hardware and software aside, these three-factors will really determine how the general public initially reacts. 

• Pricing:
The top two tablets on the market are the New iPad and the iPad 2 with price ranges  starting at $499 and $399. The presentation didn't mention exact prices. Because the Surface is equipped with multiple ports and their fancy Touch Cover, many speculate the price will be higher than an average tablet of its class exceeding well over $500... The Surface has to be aggressive and be comparable in price if not better to grab peoples attention right out of the gate. 

• Battery Life:
Tablet computers define the future of 'portable computing'... so battery life is a key feature not to be ignored. The New iPad  and iPad 2 both have a battery life of 10-hours with 30-days standby time... Many found it a surprise that Microsoft never mentioned anything about the battery-life of the Surface.  Battery-life is such an important feature that it has to be comparable if not better than the iPad in order sway the publics approval and to be taken seriously as a portable business machine to do your work as well as play... 

• Availablity:
Release date compared to the competitors is a key factor as well... Although Microsoft never mention an exact release date, the press speculate a late 2012 Fall debut. 
With the iPad (and Apple products in general) being the #1 selling tech-gadget of the 2011 holidays, the Surface already has heated competition immediately after it hits the shelves before the holidays... especially since Apple is expected to announce the Fourth-Genteration iPad shortly after in January.

Another factor to point out is that the iPad has over 225,000+ third-party Apps to choose from their one-click purchase App Store. Currently the Microsoft Surface has ZERO third-party Apps to choose from giving the consumer not much to work with. 

What are your thoughts...?
Are you getting one...?

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Darius said...

I think the above items you pointed out are absolutely key to the success of the newest entry into the tablet arena. BUT beneath the Surface (pun intended) there needs to lay a better microsoft product. The operating system needs to be stable and not crack under pressure. I am a pc user, and for a long time I was a windows mobile user too. But I got tired of the freezes, slowdowns ect, so I jumped ship to the Google platform on an HTC device. While the phone was flashy and had lots of features, I still found myself wanting to fly to the east coast so I can go to the top of the Empire State Building and toss the phone out a window. Now I am an iPhone user, and could not be happier. So for me to buy into the hype, this machine needs to be working as good as new 6 months after I break the seal!

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