Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The New Microsoft Surface Tablets (pics&video)

Microsoft unveiled yesterday in a last-minute surprise announcement their new product that will propel them forward as a viable competitor in the Tablet computing market. 
The tablets are called the Surface... a reinvention and portable reincarnation of their previous Surface Table. Check out the product description and photos below... 
Microsoft Surface comes in two iterations: One running Windows 8 Pro on top of Intel Silicon (an Ivy Bridge chip with yet-to-be-defined specs), and one running Windows RT on top of Nvidia silicon (perhaps the next iteration of Nvidia’s Tegra family — neither nVidia nor Microsoft is currently sharing specifics). The two tablets share a common industrial design language, including bezeled edges angled at 22 degrees, and physical chassis made of “VaporMG,” a fancy-schmancy new material that aims for a tactile finish worthy of a high-end, luxury watch.
The two tablets also share 10.6-inch screens, front- and back-mounted cameras, integrated kickstands (also made of VaporMG), full-sized USB ports, and dual Wi-Fi antennas to ensure seamless media streaming. But beyond that, the specs diverge significantly between the two models.
Microsoft’s new tablet covers, however, look truly innovative, the Touch Cover, a 3mm, magnetically attaching cover that includes an integrated pressure-sensitive keyboard. Microsoft says each keystroke is an individual gesture, and the resulting performance is faster than anything we currently experience with on-screen, virtual keyboards. If the Touch Cover isn’t quite snazzy enough for you, you can opt for the Type Cover. It’s 5mm thick, and includes (get this) physical keys. Each key includes 1.5mm of travel, and the Type Cover even boasts a full multi-touch trackpad.
I have to admit... the Surface does look like a great tablet contender, but the announcement left out key points of interest such as availability, price and battery life... The Surface has to be compatible if not better than the competition to succeed right out of the gate... 

:: Watch the full keynote below  ::

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