Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally... Moving Files With a Swipe (demo video)

Someone at MIT answered a million prayers in created the ability to transfer files from one mobile device to another with just a swipe... see video demo below!

Swÿp allows users to simply share files by simply dragging it from one Wifi display to the next. There have been numerous concepts showing how this may work, but finally it is officially a reality. 
Swÿp gathers information such as your phone and iPad’s approximate location (available via WiFi) and account details (via sites like Facebook or Gmail), then ties that information to a real-time gesture, the swipe (or Swÿp). Hold up two Swÿp-enabled devices next to each other, and they’re able to communicate in a language both understand: a hybrid of the digital and physical worlds.Swÿp can be used for iOS and LuminAR, but it’s still part of ongoing research, so it’s not available in app form yet. “Our hope is that developers would jump in and contribute to the open-source project, make it better and that app makers will incorporate it into their apps making them Swÿp enabled,’” Linder says. 

via fastcodesign

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