Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chinese Engineers Successfully Teleported Photons.

We've posted about successful tests of quantum teleportation before... but recent news, Chinese engineers have 'smashed' recent teleportation records by teleporting a pair of photons almost 100 kilometers. As of now teleportation tests have only been successful with tiny tiny photons... with today's technology we are no way near beaming humans like in Star Trek or The Fly... but with enough research you never know :) 

Quantum entanglement is the mysterious phenomenon where two particles become tightly intertwined and behave as one system — whether they are next to each other on a laboratory bench, or either sides of a galaxy.
Juan Yin and his team at the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai sent photons between two stations, separated by 97 km. Over a Chinese lake, to be precise.To pull off this feat, Yun and friends used a 1.3 Watt laser, and a clever optic steering technique to keep the beam precisely on target. With this setup, they were able to teleport more than 1,100 photons in four hours, over a distance of 97 kilometers. 
via wired

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