Thursday, May 3, 2012

Altaeros Energies: Flying Wind Tourbines (video)

With the world looking toward clean renewable energy, Wind Power is on the top of everybody's list. The problem with traditional wind turbines is that they not only take up precious land, they can be a pain to construct and neighboring residence complaining of headaches from stroboscopic effects (continuous casted sunlight visually sliced by the blades)

Altaeros Energies has come up with an innovative solution... wind turbines that float.
By placing the blade inside a tethered, massive balloon, you can float the thing up to high altitudes (where the winds are five times stronger than what you get at the top of a tower), no construction necessary. And neighbors aren't likely to complain about a balloon 1,000 feet in the sky.  
What you saw there was a scaled prototype, 35 feet in diameter. During the test run it arrived on-site in a dock attached to a trailer, then deployed, activated the turbine, and returned to the ground—all automatically. At its highest altitude of 350 feet, it successfully got the turbine to generate twice as much juice than it gets at tower height. We'd say Altaeros is one to watch.

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