Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nine Year Old Creates Arcade From Cardboard Boxes (video)

Nine-year-old Jonathan Liu's cardboard arcade may make your childhood cardboard car look like a piece of crap... In-fact, his handmade arcade is fully functional with games that he created out of items and objects that he found and cleverly put together with packaging tape. 

The arcade is located in his father’s auto parts store, which supplies Caine’s endless needs for more cardboard. His dad says Caine has a curious mind and loves to take things apart – although he’s not very good about putting them back together yet. Still, Caine has ingeniously created a series of games, some more challenging than others. He’ll sell you a number of tickets or a discounted fun pass that’ll give you extra chances to win; he even has an inventory of prizes for winning the games. The arcade is open Saturdays 8-5 and Sundays by appointment. 

via wired

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