Monday, April 16, 2012

KickStarter: The SmartWatch Pebble (video)

Check out this Kickstarter product called the Pebble, an e-paper watch for iPhone and Android.
After just landing on the site on April 11th, the design has already generated over 20,000 backers and just under $3-Million in support to get the project into production and onto store shelves by September 2012.... watch the video below.
Pebble features a 1.26-inch 144x168-pixel black and white high-resolution e-paper display with backlight — but the real buzz surrounding this smartwatch is the ability to customize content using a designated iPhone app which enables the timepiece to run several "watchapps" simultaneously. The clever wristwatch lets users control music playback, monitor running or cycling stats along with receiving incoming caller notifications, Facebook messages, email notifications, calendar alerts and the ability to change out watch face designs at will via Bluetooth. Pebble carries a built-in accelerometer, vibrating motor and a rechargeable battery expected to last more than seven days on one charge.

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