Monday, April 2, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Will Play Steve Jobs

Don't mistake this with the Sony movie rights to Walter Isaacson's biography... 

Like Noah Wyle in the cult-classic Pirates of Silicon Valley (see video below), Ashton Kutcher is expected to portray the young Steve Jobs back in his 'hippie' days. This upcoming Indie film, simply titled 'Jobs' will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern
While news of Kutcher's participation in the project is already attracting significant Hollywood buzz, it should be noted that the indie film which begins shooting in May is expected to be followed by the Steve Jobs biopic coming from Sony Pictures — which is based on the bestselling book by Walter Isaacson. Kutcher will reportedly film the Jobs feature while on hiatus from the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men in May in order to beat Sony's version of the Steve Jobs story onto the big screen. 
Take a peak back and watch the full-featured film Pirates of Silicon Valley with Noah Wyle playing Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall playing Bill Gates below...!! 

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