Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Worlds Largest Paper Airplane Takes Flight (video)

Future engineer and hero to many, 12-year old Artuo Valdenegro has completed what most people would never check off their 'bucket-list' - Build and fly the world's largest paper airplane. 

The airplane has a wingspan of 24 feet, length of 45 feet and weighed in at 800 pounds. Sponsored by the Pima Air & Space Museum and built as part of its Giant Paper Airplane Project, Valdenegro's paper creation was towed 5,000 feet into the air by a Sikorsky S58T helicopter over the Sonora desert in Arizona (see video below). 
Roughly at 2,700 feet the helicopter pilot felt the wind conditions weren't safe and cut the tow line... even though the weather didn't cooperate and it didn't launch at the planned 5,000 feet, the airplane performed reasonably well flying for approximately 10 seconds at speeds up to 100 mph before the tail stressed and the plane crashed to the ground. 

via popsci

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