Friday, March 16, 2012

Whhaaa...? Camera-Shaped Rifle.

Or should I say, 'Rifle-Shaped Camera...?' 

I totally understand the concept, 'shoot with a camera and not a gun'. 
...but seriously, what could go wrong...!? 

The Killshot Camera has a camera built into a fake rifle scope and instead of killing an animal with a bullet, you can take a picture instead via pulling the trigger. 

Harmless Hunter "KillShot" will allow people of all ages to get outdoors, explore, and discover a recreational pastime that has exisited throughout our history. Hunting and documenting the hunt has become extremely popular. The "KillShot" becomes a digital photo trophy instead of the body part of an animal being kept as a trophy. This can be used year round when game is out of season to satisfy the lust for hunting while getting you ready for the harvest season. The crosshairs will show on the photo where the shot would have been, the background will show if the shot was safe or unsafe. It will help teach gun safety by operating like a lethal hunting rifle, except, it takes pictures and fires no projectiles.
...don't know about you, but I'm not gonna take any family pictures with this thing anytime soon.
(hit the link below to learn more). 

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