Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Say 'GOOD-BYE' to the Printed Encyclopedia Britannica (1778 - 2012)

Today the Encyclopedia... Tomorrow (hopefully) the Yellow Pages/Phone Book. 

The time has finally arrived.... 
Encyclopedia Britannica has finally stopped printing/shipping their well known 244 year-old printed encyclopedia collections. The reason of course is because of the digital age of the internet, Apps and the convenience of mobile devices. The company stated that they will continue their online operations and academic curriculum materials. 
According to The New York Times, sales of the printed encyclopedia peaked in 1990, when 120,000 copies of the multi-volume set were sold in the U.S. alone. In comparison, only 12,000 sets of the 2010 edition were printed, and only 8,000 of those were actually sold-the remaining 4,000 sets have been placed in storage. That edition was a 32-volume set. 
Great Job Encyclopedia Britannica, you had a good run....

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