Monday, March 26, 2012

The New iPhone Concepts... (10pics)

Now that the introduction of The New iPad has come to pass... we can now move forward with our lives and now think about The New iPhone -or- iPhone 6 -or iPhone 5... or whatever they'll end up calling it... 
Below are 10 iPhone concepts created by Apple-fans and designers that visually predict what the next iPhone may look like based on the existing rumors and design-evolution of their product line.
Some of the designs play off of the latest iPod Nano body design and multi-touch Magic Mouse others follow the rumors of getting rid of the physical 'home' button and having larger 4.6" display... 

** see more of the one above (the Most Plausible) at this link ** 

Not to jump on the Rumor-Mill, but these are concepts and remain as concepts... and in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. and actual evidence of the next iPhone.

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