Thursday, March 22, 2012

Microsoft: Transparent 3D Holographic Display (video)

This 3D holographic display is definitely a one-up for Microsoft... 

Developed by Researchers Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger of the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, the See-Through 3D Desktop changes the way you interact with the computer. Not only does the position of the hardware place the display in front of the keyboard, but the user interface allows you to physically interact with the displayed objects more naturally by grabbing onto them with your hands (see video demos below)
Right now we all use computers the same way: Moving from the back of your desk to the front, you've got the screen first, then your hands on the keyboard or mouse, and then your head taking it all in. Now imagine swapping the order so that back-to-front we have your hands first, thenthe screen, then your head.

via core77

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c29a1ce6-76aa-11e1-b3aa-000bcdcb2996 said...

This is a transparent display, but it is certainly not a hologram...

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