Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bluetooth 4.0 Pressure-Sensitive Stylus for iPad3 by Ten One Design (video demo)

Apple isn't the only one with a big announcement this week... Ten One Design has announced their newest product code named Blue Tiger, but will most likely receive the name of Pogo upon release. 

Not only is the stylus pressure-sensitive, but it is also powered by bluetooth 4.0 technology and will work with both the iPhones and iPads. The Bluetooth 4.0 allows the stylus to automatically pair with the device and work without having to pair them manually each time. The battery is also said to be dramatically better as well... a single coin battery may power the stylus for months to a year at a time. The 'Blue Tiger' also features an SDK to allow developers to integrate the pressure sensitive technology into their Apps. 

Ten One Design is preparing to release the stylus upon the iPad 3 introduction later this week. Prices and exact date of release not yet known.... watch video demo below...!

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