Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super-Intellegent Chimp Solves Puzzle in Less Than a Second...! (video)

This remarkable story (video below) brings 'The Planet of the Apes' to reality... seriously

11-year old chimp Ayumu was given a series of short-term memory tests and was able to solve each of them in less than a second one right after another... The test is to memorize the numbers 1-9 in less than a second. Then after the mixed-up numbers are covered, Ayumu has to touch each one in numerical order. I tried to do it as well and didn't even come close. Well Done Dude... 
So how does he do it exactly? Scientists aren't entirely shire but there area a couple theories. The first is something called "eidetic imagery" which, in poor latent terms, means Ayumu is able to commit to memory a complete picture of intricate pattern or scene. 
No matter how Ayumu accomplishes these puzzles... watching this super-chimp at work is truly amazing...!!  

I Dare You To Try The Puzzle Along With Ayumu

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