Monday, February 20, 2012

MTN Approach: Collapsable/Folding Skis.

The MTN Approach skis may be the ideal solution for the backcountry rider that wants to lighten their load... The skis are designed to fold in thirds and fit nicely within a easy to carry backpack. 
Unlike downhill skis, these skis are designed for snowboarders and meant for 'ascending' the mountain... Similar to Splitboards, the concept is for a snowboarder to climb a mountain using these skis with their snowboard on their back, when they reach the summit they simply fold the skis up put them into the back pack, strap on the board and down the hill they go...
"I see the market much larger than what the splitboard market is, " Smith told us. "Splitboards are going after a very small niche of the snowboarding market. We see our system as something that's intended for your average snowboarder that isn't interested in cutting their snowboard in half." 
Priced at $799, the MTN Approach skis are available for purchase at this link

via gizmag 

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