Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ever-Transforming Crib/Bed/Couch/Desk

Are you looking for that special piece of furniture that your new baby can use from birth and into college...? If so, Gro Furniture may have the solution for you with their reconfigurable crib that will last your whole life long... 

It's kind of like a giant-sized building toy, and by swapping various components what starts as a baby's crib can be re-configured to a toddler's bed, a day bed for older kids, and eventually an adult-sized desk.  
Priced at around $1,900... the crib/bed/couch/desk may be a promising idea, but most likely out of most expecting parents budget... learn more about the product and how to get it at this link.

via gizmodo grofurniture

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