Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Villa Amanzi in Thailand

Designed by Original Vision Architecture in 2008, the Villa Amanzi in Thailand has obvious similarities to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water... Although there isn't a waterfall like 'Falling Water', it is a beautiful multilevel home that is built right into the natural landscape with an incredible interior to match. 
The home is at once solid and airy; it’s meant to seem as if it grew out from the rock, yet, the view over the water stretches to the horizon. Indoor/outdoor living is taken advantage of, with an open air living room and dining room space melding seamlessly with the patio and wood decking of the pool. There are also sliding doors at the front of the house to encourage sea breeze and circulation. The saltwater pool, which juts out from the house, is cantilevered over the lower level in a spectacular feat of horizontal versus vertical layering.

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