Monday, January 23, 2012

Turn Your iPad Into a Portable Scanner.

There are many mobile scanner Apps out there for your phone, but why not an actual portable digital scanner made for your iPad and iPad 2. Now that many people are using their iPad over their laptop, the design gives you the ability to scan documents of up 8.5-inches wide from documents to photos to receipts. The iConvert Scanner takes the scan and automatically downloads them into your iPads photo folder as JPG files in 300 DPI. 
The iConvert is set to be released for sale in February for $150 by Brookstone
Great for use at home (old photos, genealogy records, special greeting cards, recipes and children’s artwork), at the office (meeting notes, resumes, renderings, signed contracts) and on the go (receipts, expense reports, business cards and more). The entire scanner is sized to take with you in your messenger bag or backpack. 

via bookstone

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