Friday, January 13, 2012

Samsung's Transparent Smart Window.

One of the many attraction at the CES 2012 is Samsung's Transparent Smart Window. They have created transparent display that can make your window into fully-functional touch display, complete with virtual blinds...! You can literally check the weather forecast while looking out the window.
The display could even hang in front of a mirror in your bathroom, allowing you to check your email and Facebook updates while you brush your teeth... 

...what are your thoughts? 
Do you see this catching on in the home or a transparent display on your office desk? 

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Heckman said...

I guess for really small apartments it might be nice. But isn't the point of a window so you can enjoy the view? What would watching a movie on this be like? Would the background get distracting? Is the goal to remove the screen from the room completely? Would that mean that if you had this in your living room window, would people on the street be able/have to see what you are watching? What about the other side? It's like all those movies where the heros are looking at the transparent map and you have to see everything that they are looking at, but backwards. I think it's cool, and if it's removing plastic from screens and trading it for glass that's a sustainable step forward, but it seems a little gimmicky to me. Great post!

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