Thursday, January 5, 2012

Man Hacks Together a Treadmill, Wii, Kinect, HUD and a Robot... just to pet his cat.

Here is a video that illustrates the combination of ingenuity, innovation and a 'whole' lot of time... 
This guy successfully hacks together a Treadmill, Heads Up Display (HUD), Kinect and a Wii to wirelessly control a robot to pet his cat... His past year of work on this project allows him to navigate the robot by walking on the treadmill, he moves the robot's arms with the Wii and Kinect and operates the head motion with the HUD. Everything the robot sees is viewable via video camera and displayed within his display. 
After doing this exercise, it became apparent that the next feature to add is hearing and speaking through the robot. Luckily both the NAO and my HMD have microphones and speakers so this shouldn't be too difficult. 

As of now he can pet his cat.... let's see it get me a beer and open it. Now we're talking'...!! 

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