Friday, December 28, 2012

Logo Design FAILS... seriously (20pics)


A well thought out logo design not only represents your company through a symbol or text, but it also becomes the primary means of how the public will form an image of your brand. 
There are many successful designs out there that help foster a sense of trust between business and customer.... aaannnndd there are these 20 examples below that FAIL tremendously in leading the customer to believe and think the exact opposite of what their business represents. 

Makes you not only wonder what the designer was thinking (or not thinking) when creating them, but also what the business owner was thinking when choosing them. 


'CHINA RESTAURANT' ...mmmm... that place looks good, huh?  

'CLINICA DENTAL' they clean 'more' than your teeth? 

'RPD' ...can someone explain to me what animal (or body part) that is? 

'ARLINGTON PEDIATRIC CENTER' ...thanks doctor, but no thanks... 

'SAFE PLACE' ....uhhh, don't think so. 

'ASS' ....well, maybe this one is appropriate after all :) 

'BILLY BOY' ...what kinda 'energy' are you looking for? 

hhhmmmm comment. 

'NCB' ...whatcha got in the truck mister? 

'A-STYLE' that what the kids call it these days? 

'MONT-STAT' ...the happiest satellite dish E-V-E-R 

'HASC CENTER' ...a center for what? on second thought, don't tell me.

'KIDS EXCHANGE' ...I feel like a pedophile when I read this - gross! 

'CAT WEAR' ...oh I get it. the cat's ass creates the 'A' in CAT... horrible. 

....the Pope is shaking his head in shame on this one. 

'OGC' ...when viewed differently, you'll never un-see it again. hehe 

Oh, I see... the 'nuts' cleverly create the 'nuts'... clever logo, idiot. 

'THE FIELD CENTER' ...wrong wrong wrong... very wrong. 

'MEGAFLICKS' ...really? pick a different font please. NOW!

....and finally. 
'LOCUM' ...sorry, but substituting an 'o' with a  doesn't work all the time.

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Anonymous said...

the "billy boy energy drink" actually is what it looks like. "billy boy" is a popular condom brand in germany, and their soft drink is sold for fun and... i don't know... enhancement? :)

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