Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gadget That Prevents Texting While Driving.

At last there is a gadget that is designed to prevent the habit of texting and talking on the phone will driving... this is not only perfect for the general public but the ideal solution for parents with a thumb-happy teen behind the wheel. 

The device is called the cellCONTROL and it transmits a Bluetooth signal that blocks drivers from being able to text message email, make phone calls and much more. After the cellCONTROL is installed/plugged into the ODB-II port of your car it transmits its blocking signal only when the car is in motion. And if the device senses that is is being tampered with or unplugged, it automatically sends a warning email or text to the administrator (i.e. teen's parents)... 
Once setup is complete, the safe driving system is ready to use. Email, texting, internet, camera and other apps will immediately be blocked once the vehicle is in motion. Use of the phone application will also be blocked - unless a handsfree headset is detected by your mobile device. This is the perfect solution for young drivers, fleet workers and anyone who is using their cell phone unsafely while driving. 
Works with all Android 2.1 and above, Blackberry 4.5 and above, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 and all Symbian S60 phones (sorry iPhone users). Priced at $130 at the link below, the cellCONTROL may be the best option to-date for safer driving for you and/or your teen driver. What do you think? Would you get one...? 

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