Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four-Player Ping Pong...?

Look out Ping Pong... here comes Quad Table Tennis, your evil step-child. 

Similar to traditional Ping Pong there are paddles, a ping pong ball and a table.... but in this case there are Four individual tables set at a 10ยบ angle in opposing directions where each player is fending for themselves. 
It doesn't stop there... instead of a net, each table has a hole in the center where the object of the game is to hit your ball into the opposing tables' hole... I say, put a cup o' beer in those holes and turn it into a drinkin' game.... any takers? 
This is the tennis table game with four separate tables that pits up to four players against one another for unpredictable, exciting play indoors or outdoors. Players can hit the ball onto any opposing player's table, ensuring angled bounces and caroms that require quick reflexes and dives for point-saving returns. Each table has a line for initial serves; a player hitting a ball into the center hole of an opponent's table scores a point. 
Each table is priced at $60 ($240 for all four) at the link below: 

via hammacher

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