Saturday, January 21, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New Education Tools

Yes you heard correctly... 

Apple's NYC keynote revolving around Education last Thursday has come to pass. The Cupertino company has done what many have foreseen coming... bringing the iPad and iBooks into the classroom. It is no doubt Apple has a head start here with not only the popularity and portability of the iPad, but also its strong reputation of its App store and ever growing iBook store. 

Below is the full video of  the NYC Education Keynote hosted by Phil Schiller... 

Just how will Apple find it's way into the hands of millions of students and welcomed into the classroom...? Well the crew at gizmodo summed it up pretty well in the link below as they covered details on the new iBooks 2, Apple's brand new iPad Textbooks, how to create your own textbook, The new iTunes U App and much more. 

via gizmodo

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