Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DC Comics New Logo... Wadya Think?

UPDATED: Check out how it looks in color below:

Uh Oh.... look what DC Comics did... 

Turns out the comic book giant has plans to rebrand themselves when they applied for a trademark on a new logo design this week. The graphic change is one part of a larger plan to relaunch their entire line of comics and begin the transformation of their Comic Book image into a full-on Entertainment Company. 

The design simply depicts the letter 'D' pealing back to reveal a 'C'. Although the concept is creating some heat and controversy among fans, the intention behind this graphic is to eventually animate the pealing effect and incorporate it into their movie and cartoon intros and trailers. As you can see by the DC logo evolution below... the new design is anything but a smooth transition. 

....what are your thoughts on this design? Is drastic departure of brand identity a good move or will it be another mistake similar to the GAP...?

via wired

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