Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whhaaa?! China's Pollution Visible from Space...

It seems that China has more than the Great Wall that is visible from space.... According to recent news from NASA, China's pollution has taken over the North China Plain and is visible thousands of miles up from space... gross.
Things were so bad that visibility dropped to 200 meters. The Chinese capital's airport had to cancel 43 flights and delayed 80 more.
The first image—taken by NASA's Aqua satellite—shows the situation on January 10. The entire North China Plain was covered with a gray pollution haze. You can also see white patches: that's normal fog hanging below the haze. On the second image, you can see the skies on the next day: the heaviest pollution is mostly gone, moved by the wind.


 ....Mother Earth says, "ouch".

via gizmodo

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