Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apple/Target Inception: A Store 'Within' A Store...

Although Apple already has their own product kiosks within Target, they have future plans on opening up Mini-Stores (similar to Best Buy) within 25 Target locations.... Apple aims to enlarge its presence at the Target retailer by enlarging their presence and brand to the everyday shoppers who 'are not necessarily looking for electronics' (i.e. iPod, iPhone iPad and Macs). 
Target made the announcement in the wake of disappointing holiday sales figures. The Apple details came after Target described a separate program, called The Shops at Target, to open small boutiques in its stores. A Target spokeswoman, Dustee Jenkins, described the tests as "expanded displys" of Apple products, but declined to say how the merchandise would be arranged or whether there would be Apple Store-like displays to showcase it.

via nytimes

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