Monday, January 30, 2012

A $2,300 Blackberry Designed by Porsche.

Sure (Research In Motion) RIM has a brand new CEO and yes there is a dedicated fan-base that still consider the 'CrackBerry' a reliable smartphones for business... even though many phones have come into popularity such as the HTC, Samsung and of course the mighty iPhone. And others unfortunately may be on the way out like Nokia and Motorola.... 

So what does RIM have up its sleeve? 
They are releasing a new smartphone called the P'9981 designed by Porsche Design. As of now they are only available in the UK and the Middle East and will only set you back $2,300....!! Would you ever think about getting this...?

Check out the review on the hardware, software, camera, keyboard and other specs by engadget at this link

via engadget

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