Monday, December 5, 2011

Woolly Mammoth to be Cloned within 5 Years...!

We posted about a year ago that scientists were on their way in cloning the first Woolly Mammoth... a year has gone by and they are even closer in making this a reality (within 5 years!)
The scientists at Japan's Kinki University and the Sakha Republic's mammoth museum have in their possession workable DNA in preserved marrow from a bone discovered in Siberia. 
The marrow is in such good condition that its cells' DNA could be used to replace the nuclei of elephant egg cells. This will allow scientist to create mammoth embryos. The team wants to plant these embryos inside the wombs of elephant mothers so they can grow until birth. Although bigger than elephants, both animals are similar enough for this to work. This is a similar technique used in current cloning processes. 
Cloning an extinct animal as fantastic as a Woolly Mammoth brings out the childhood curiosity in all of us.... but it does raise the 'playing-God' issue as well as the main plot of the movie Jurassic Park... and we all know that didn't end very well. 
What are your thoughts? Are you excited for this research or do you think it's a bad idea...?
Woolly Mammoth and an African Elephant

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