Thursday, December 15, 2011

Voyager I Space Probe is 34-Years-Old and Outside Of The Solar System.

Guess What... 
The Voyager I space probe that was launched in 1977 has now traveled 11 billion miles from the sun (3-4 times further away than Pluto is from the Sun). As it passes and continues past the edge of our solar system, the Voyager I has performed many successful missions since its launch over three decades ago such as taking incredible photos and video of Jupiter, Saturn and their moons.  
Voyager 1 should have enough fuel and propellant to continue traveling outwards (and sending back data) until at least 2020, by which time it'll be about 12.5 billion miles from us. And even apart from all the valuable science that Voyager is performing, we should all be very proud (as a species) that we've managed to send a little piece of ourselves outside of the insignificant little corner of the universe that we call home.
Not bad for a machine powered by plutonium, data recording operation of only 1.4k and a computer on board no powerful than the cellphone in your pocket... 

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