Sunday, December 11, 2011

Realistically Add 3-D Objects To Your Photos.

...No, I am NOT referring to Adobe Photoshop

Although Photoshop is universally known for its superior photo-manipulative features, The Full Spectrum provides additional innovative features that are truly amazing. Invented and developed by programmer Kevin Karsch, The Full Sprectrum allows you to realistically add any 3D object to your old photos without any special equipment or training. 
"Karsch's software automatically builds a rough 3D model of a scene - users just have to add any surfaces it might have missed, by drawing on screen. Next, the user annotates light sources and light shafts (sternly directed light) in the image. Our  system automatically generates a physical model of the scene using these annotations," says Karsch. The software then adds light-Karsch notes that it can deal with shiny, reflective or even 'glowing' synthetic objects. 
After watching he video below, I would have to admit it is pretty incredible... WOW! 

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