Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mysterious Metal Sphere Falls From Space...

Could it be an alien probe? 
or a Space-Robot turd...? 
The above image is a mysterious metal sphere that fell from the sky and created a crater 12-inches deep and 13-feet wide in a remote area in Namibia, Africa. 
It weighs around 13lbs, has a diameter of 14 inches and its rough surface looks like ‘two halves welded together’, said police forensics director Paul Ludik. He said that the ball was discovered a month ago but it has only now been made public. Whilst it was made of a ‘sophisticated material’, it was something that was known to mankind. The compound appeared to be a ‘metallic compound normally used in space vehicles,’ although he would not be surprised it it was actually from a normal aircraft.
Many speculate that the sphere is a hydrazine tank used on satellites to store the flammable chemical. Although further tests are to be done on the sphere and NASA and the European Space Agency have both been notified, I'm leaning more toward alien invasion... 
what are your thoughts? 


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