Thursday, December 8, 2011

Apple Patent: Digital Device Handshake.

Apple patented and invented the Digital Device Handshake between devices... it's only a matter of time until we see this technology in our hands. Although it may sound futuristic, this tech is closer than you may think.
What is Digital Device Handshake exactly... ? 
Apple's new system will be used on hardware sporting next generation cameras capable of reading invisible inks and optical coatings – which will hold a special key code. On the iPad, the secret security code for sharing data could be hidden in its face side bezel where no one could even see it. The next generation digital handshake is envisioned to work in future retail stores and pharmacies and work with social networking sites like Twitter, Loopt, or 4square. And to top it all off, the new system will allow users to quickly log in to other devices using their iPhone. 
To establish a secure communications path, two devices could share seeds or keys to generate a single digital handshake key. The devices could share the keys using any suitable approach, including for example providing the keys in a manner that an image captured by each device could include the other device's key. For example, devices could be placed opposite each other (e.g., face-to-face, face-to-back, or back-to-back) such that a camera of the device includes the other device in its field of view.
This new tech could pave the way for not only NFC (Near Field Communication) purposes, but also other everyday senarios such as swapping contact information, logging into your computer, social network updates, gaming applications, sharing work files... even unlocking the door to your house and starting your car. 

via patentlyapple

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