Friday, December 9, 2011

Ancient Markings Puzzle Experts in Jerusalem

V-shaped markings were uncovered during an excavation in Jerusalem's City of David. The mysterious markings are 2-inches deep and 20-inches long and date back to roughly 800 B.C. and to put it plainly.... they 'Baffle' experts. Top researchers on the scene have no idea what they are and why they are there (insert alien intervention here)
It's fitting that we don't know what the markings are, though, because nobody knows what the complex they're in was for, either. It's large, and it is located right next to the city's well, which suggests is was rather important, but exactly what it was is still a mystery. In a room adjacent to the carvings they have discovered a large stone which could have been an altar or a grave-marker that pre-dated the Israelites. However, archeologists are quick to point out that that doesn't mean the place was a temple, necessarily. It could have just been one room that was dedicated to devotion., yeah.... they have zero idea what they mean. Do you have any suggestions? 

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