Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10-Key Sticker Provides Missing Function to MacBooks

The trackpad on the Apple MacBook Pro is just shy of perfect with its smooth surface and multitouch capabilities... What would make it more than perfect is this simple yet ingenious design concept, The Pad Film
Although just a concept, this film was designed by Gong Huachao and Wang Hui. It is a transparent 'sticker-film' that covers the trackpad with number and calculation graphics giving the MacBook added key-function that typical laptops don't have. 
Working with an application installed on the computer, the film with printed button graphics takes advantage of the innovative trackpad and allows the user to tap away on the trackpad as they would on a multitouch display (i.e. iPad keyboard).
This Pad Film for TouchPad is a 2011 red dot design concept winning entry, which means that it’s not quite ready for the marketplace, but it is well on its way to getting there. In addition to the keys you see here in the basic film, you can also attach custom keys to do whatever you like on your computer, and whenever you need to start scrolling again, just hit the hotkey combination alt + x. Hotkey combination again to turn the keypad on again – simple stuff!

...don't know about you, but if this ever goes to market... I can see this as a practical purchase.
What are your thoughts? 

via slashgear


custom stickers said...

I love Macbook keyboard button stickers) they are cool and Mackbook looks more beautiful in that.

Macbook Decal said...

There are also programs for the iPhone if you own one that will let you turn it into a 10 key.

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