Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vlingo vs. Siri

When the iPhone 4S was introduced last month, many gasped in awe when they witnessed the power of their flagship voice to text feature, Siri. Today Apple publicly announced that Siri will not be available on older iPhone models as rumors suggested... so... what are other alternatives? 

Unbeknownst to popular knowledge, Siri was just a regular app that existed well before Apple acquired the company last year to further develop it to what it is today. Available exclusively on the iPhone 4S, many who cannot afford the iPhone upgrade or have to wait for their contract to end to get it, have to stand by in awe and perhaps the inevitable disappointment when they realize Siri is well out of reach... 

No worries, there is another voice to text app that has also been around for awhile, Vlingo
This 'FREE' virtual assistant app (available in the App Store) also takes advantage of the power of your voice to make phone calls, voice to text, voice to email as well as web searching and finding directions in GoogleMaps. Another bonus is that you can simply speak into your phone to update your Facebook status and post to Twitter...! Vlingo's user interface is pretty slick as well and easy to navigate... Although it packs great features, (as of now) Vlingo lacks the ability to set up reminders and calendar updates via voice. Perhaps with the strong competition with Siri, Vlingo may soon add this in their next update (I'll keep my fingers crossed)... 
The introduction of the iPhone 4S with Siri did not hurt the popularity of Vlingo as many would assume. The iPhone 4S launch actually helped and increased the popularity and downloads of the Vlingo app to all the people that didn't or couldn't upgrade to the latest iPhone model. 
Looking for directions to a restaurant?  Need to do a quick mobile search for information on bee allergies?  Can’t find the number for a plumber?  Want to update your social status to tell everyone about your new puppy?  Maybe you need to send a quick text to a colleague because you’re running late for a meeting?  Or perhaps you’re looking for a safer alternative to texting while driving?  Vlingo can do all of these things for you, and so much more!  
Vlingo is available on the iPhone, Android and Windows phones. 
Overall, Siri is clearly the winner when it comes to features available and user interface. Although Vlingo as a whole it still lacks a lot of other features that Siri offers such as creating reminders, updating your calendar, setting the alarm clock (to name a few), this free app may be the perfect alternative for those that do not have the latest Apple iPhone 4S... 

Vlingo's vision of their future...

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Awesome news!
I'm not eligible for the iPhone 4S until next year. This is a great alternative!
Thanks laorosa ;)

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