Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VIDEO: US Army's Humanoid Robot To Be Delivered This Year...

Judgement Day may be closer than you think... with these humanoid robot soldiers to be deployed later this year. 
Developed by Boston Dynamics for the US Army, the PETMAN is said to be delivered this year. Although this version/model may never see the light of day of any battle, it sure gives us a peak into what the future battlefield may hold in the not too distant future. 
...the PETMAN took 13 months to design followed by 17 months to build, install and validate. Similar to the SARCOS robot we saw a few months back, the PETMAN is almost completely untethered, able to balance and move on its own... the robot is being marketed with the special purpose of testing chemical protection clothing designed for soldiers. It can move like a real person and do a variety of calisthenics to test the wear and tear on suits. It can even simulate human physiology such as body temperature and sweating. 

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